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Donate Now to Help Provide Life Saving Healthcare Supplies To Indians in Need

India is experiencing a devastating second wave of Covid-19 which has put unprecedented pressure on its already burdened healthcare systems.

Since the beginning of May 2021, more than 20 million infections and over 226,000 deaths have been officially confirmed. Someone is dying from Covid in India every four minutes. Experts believe the actual numbers far outstrip reported cases. Year to date, India has experienced more than half of the world’s daily Covid-19 cases, setting a record-breaking pace of more than 300,000 cases a day.

The country is grappling with a lack of oxygen, hospital beds, ICU facilities and life saving medication as the number of Covid-19 cases and related deaths rise. This is further exacerbated by a shortage of accurate and timely Covid-19 tests and vaccines.

Critically ill patients are being turned away from hospitals, which have run out of beds and oxygen, and the virus spread is showing no signs of slowing down. As the country goes into another lockdown to help stem the spread of Covid-19, many people without an income are in desperate need of food and other essentials.

In response, Affirm has partnered with GiveIndia to raise funds for non-profit organizations on the ground in India providing oxygen, protective gear, food and essentials, Covid-19 testing kits and vaccines as part of an emergency Social Impact Affirm-wide effort.

Join us today to raise money for India. Your donation, no matter the size, is appreciated and will have an impact.


GiveIndia will partner with key NGOs who have been authorized to supply equipment to government hospitals

Funds are disbursed through our trusted nonprofit partners who will adhere to GiveIndia’s due-diligence framework

GiveIndia will receive regular updates of disbursement and they will carry out verification processes whenever feasible

GiveIndia charges 0% platform fees for all COVID-19 fundraisers


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What your funds will support:

Oxygen supply

There is a critical and immediate need for oxygen in hospitals and COVID Care Centers, and funds will be used for the following:

  • Oxygen concentrators: A patient in need of a concentrator needs to be on it for at least 5-7 days. One oxygen concentrator costs approx $745.
  • Oxygen cylinders and refilling them: Oxygen cylinders provide oxygen support for 5-7 days and cost approx $340 , however manufacturing is limited to a few states and transportation is needed. Refilling a cylinder alone costs $30/refill.
  • Bipaps: Also known as non-invasive ventilation, one Bipap costs approximately approx $800.

Food and Essentials

Approx $25 will provide 2 meals a day for a week to one family. And approx $7 can help a poor family with one week’s ration.

Vaccination and Testing

Controlling the spread of Covid-19 requires continued immunization efforts and setting up vaccine centres across the country is critical. Cost of running one centre is $4600/month* and all it takes is $1.5/person for vaccination drive (vaccine cost excluded).

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